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12 Jan


Every single Sherlock Fan this Sunday (x)

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10 Jan

Everytime I watch SoT, I have a strange feeling when seeing Charles Augustus Magnussen in front of his five or six screens. I’ve thought about it occasionally and now I know which images came to my subconscious mind: Ozymandias from Watchmen in front his many, many screens.

So above in the first picture you see a screenshot of CAM, looking all mysterious and evil. The second is a still from the Watchmen movie. It’s also quite dark. The third one is from the actual comic Watchmen.

So assuming this similarity is intentional, especially because the first two frames are so similar, what can we draw from this?

Ozymandias is “the smartest man on the planet” and “an almost superhuman”. He watches the whole world with his screens. In the comic there is a quote from Ozymandias saying: “Multi-screen viewing […] to evade rational analysis, allowing subliminal hints of the future to leak through.”

However, Magnussen is only watching one scene, over and over: Johns being rescued by Sherlock while Mary is screaming hyterically in the background.

I see a striking resemblance, but can’t grasp its meaning entirely.

What do you think about it? Is it too far fetched?

06 Jan




#or i guess you can say #a bit smauged #(⌐■_■)

oh god.

I was waiting for this

03 Jan halloawhatisthis:

Sherlock raises his hand to help John when he stumbles up and looks like he is about to faint.


Sherlock raises his hand to help John when he stumbles up and looks like he is about to faint.

03 Jan


Sherlock finally got an answer that moved him to tears

02 Jan
  • Moffat: The BBC has run out of new actors for series three.
  • Gatiss: But we need John's wife and Sherlock's parents.
  • Moffat: Guess you'll have to write them out of the first-
  • Gatiss: Hold on!
  • Moffat: Yes?
  • Gatiss: Martin Freeman already has a wife-
  • Moffat: -I'm listening-
  • Gatiss: -and Benedict already has parents!
  • Mofftiss: *laugh for two years*
24 Dec

Sherlock Mini - Many Happy Returns 

The waiting of a whole fandom expressed in these little hand gestures.

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31 Aug 
Let the Reichenbach fall.

Let the Reichenbach fall.

04 Aug


“Shall I play you another, John? Something more lively?”


“No? And why is that?”

“Because you’re not real, are you?”

“Ah. No, I’m not.”

“And I’m only dreaming.”

“Yes, John.”

“Then play something slow and soft, all right?”

“Of course.”

“Because I don’t want to wake up. Ever, if I can help it.”

“I’m so sorry, John.”

“I know, Sherlock. I know. Just… just play the damn song, okay?”

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15 Jun

Frankenstein-Meet-Up in Munich!

Das Cinema zeigt am 14. und 28. Juni 2012 FRANKENSTEIN, das Theaterstück des National Theatre in London. Die erste Fassung zeigt Benedict Cumberbatch in der Rolle des Victor Frankenstein und Jonny Lee Miller als Kreatur. In der zweiten Fassung sind die Rollen vertauscht.

© Catherine Ashmore/National Theatre

Da wir bereits von mehreren Fans hörten, dass sie die Vorführungen besuchen werden, würden wir gerne vorschlagen am 28. Juni ein Treffen zu organisieren.

In der Nähe des Cinema gibt es das Café Baal und wir würden für diejenigen, die nach dem Film noch Lust dazu haben, einen Tisch (mehrere Tische) reservieren. Wenn Ihr daran teilnehmen möchtet, sendet uns bitte bis zum 20. Juni eine Email an: sherlock_de@arcor.de

14 Mar Have you seen today’s teefury-tee ?

Have you seen today’s teefury-tee ?

21 Feb omg!
…and suit up!


…and suit up!

20 Feb

I bet Sherlock would be really good at finding an airport on MapCrunch.

  • Sherlock: JOHN SHUT-UP.
  • John: I didn't say anything.
  • Sherlock: YOU WERE GOING IN A RANDOM DIRECTION, IT'S ANNOYING. OK, oaks and palm trees growing together - this transition is only found in southwestern Puebla, which means that I'm on the border of Mexico and Arizona, obviously. Airport within 30 miles, sand on the road indicates that the last few cars went North, makes sense, because the nearest city is in Nogales. OKEYDOKEY.
  • Sherlock: *click, click, click* HELL YEAH, FOUND THE AIRPORT.
  • John:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • Sherlock: How are you doing, John?
  • John: I'm in Antarctica.
16 Feb




A song documenting the journey of the Fandom…We can do this!

Fandom, We’ll stay strong (to the tune of “How to save a life” by The Fray)

Ep one, we fell in love with how they’d talk

They’d walk and we just sat in shock

We shared a bond with cast and crew

We heard they’d make a season two

But then things started feeling wrong

The season gap just seemed so long

We felt the angst of the great game

We’re all bonkers but who’s to blame?

Fandom, we’ll stay strong! We lost our minds
somewhere along the hiatus!
Pray to godtiss and Moff we’ll last the night

And hope that Sherlock’s still alive

Well, we’re not perfect we’ve got flaws

Introduce Adler and we’ll bring the Shipping wars!
But we’ve survived and loved for years
we’ve shared the joy and shed the tears

but then we hear that famed theme song!
And Moffat was following all along!
Pray to god they didn’t read the porn!

Season 2 starts, we’re standing proud

Admiring Adler and fearing the hound

but we’ve know through highs and lows

that Reichenbach is getting close!

We can do one of two things
We could lose our minds and ruin everything

Or we salute and smile with all our might

It’s been an honour playing with you tonight!

I love this fandom so much. I’m proud of you guys.

For the love of god somebody Tweet this to Mofftiss right now.

Always reblog. I love you guys so much <3

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15 Feb fabricmonster:

Really debating that inner circle colour. Can’t decide if gold is nice or nasty.

THAT print on a shirt &lt;3


Really debating that inner circle colour. Can’t decide if gold is nice or nasty.

THAT print on a shirt <3

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